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The Work of Byron Katie Certified Facilitator

Clarity and solutions for

your work, your relationships, your life.

Do you experience more stress and less fulfillment than you want to?


Do you have "Aha!" moments, get jazzed up or blissed out…and then plummet when "real life" kicks in?

Are you tired of the time, money and effort it takes trying to fix yourself and others?

Carol Skolnick, Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron KatieHi, I'm Carol Skolnick. I help people examine and unravel the stressful beliefs that lead to suffering and limitation in our lives, relationships and careers. In the winter of 2001, I made a remarkable friend, Byron Katie, who shared with me her self-inquiry process, The Work...used with great success by life and business coaches, educators and therapists in their work, and by hundreds of thousands of people like you and me who simply want more balance in our lives and perspective about our toughest challenges.

The technique is so simple, I nearly rejected it out of hand...but the realizations I had from just one session of The Work began to effect my life undeniably, radically, and immediatelyI discovered there is always available to us a parallel universe of peace. In one afternoon, I began to learn how to address my problems from a position of open-mindedness and equanimity—and I have been doing so ever since. And if I can do it, you can too.

This inquiry can be helpful to anyone whose mind is open to it; who can answer questions; and who values a kinder and more peaceful life.

Since 2002, I have facilitated hundreds of people in this remarkably effective way to approach your stressors with less reactivity and greater self-awareness. With practice, you may find it easier to deal with the stickiest of personal and professioal problems:

I invite you to step into this easy-to-learn, self-directed process
of targeted questions and eye-opening reversals.
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lilly"Carol was very spacious and gentle; she created a safe environment for me to look at parts of myself that aren't so comfortable to see and she did it with kindness, laughter and a real sense of equality. I found integrity, honesty and humility as well. Rare gems."—M.W., Eugene, OR

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